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Here's to looking at you

We believe it’s important for everyone to regularly assess their strengths, skills, and style of working. This time for self-reflection can provide you with valuable insight into your leadership qualities, and also highlight opportunities for further development.

Solace has a variety of established diagnostic tools available to aid your reflection and develop your leadership capabilities, helping you to become a stronger leader.

Self Assessment

Our Self Assessment tool has been developed with the support of Real World Group who are internationally renowned in the field of leadership diagnostic instruments.

If you're earlier on in your leadership and management career, or working at a relatively senior level and looking to progress, complete this assessment to receive customised feedback of your current strengths and priority areas for development.

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360-degree feedback

Highly effective leaders take the time to gather feedback from those around them on a regular basis. Using a validated 360 instrument as a foundation is the most powerful way to enhance your performance and your relationships.

In partnership with Real World Group, we've developed the Solace 360 based on extensive research and review of leadership theories and approaches. It helps you reflect on the extent to which you utilise the skills and behaviours required of 21st century public sector leaders – whatever stage you are in your career.

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Solace is licensed to use a number of psychometric tools which assess leadership behaviours, preferences and attitudes.

These tools will help both individuals and teams to explore how they relate with one another, key strengths and potential blind spots; all of which are critical success factors for high performing teams.

There are a number of psychometric tools available, and we provided some examples on the next page. Please do get in touch if you would like to know what else we might offer:

- Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
- Real World Leader (RWL)
- WAVE Professional Styles Questionnaire

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