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on Demand

on Demand

Self-directed development materials right at your fingertips

We understand that opportunities for self-reflection and professional development aren’t always easy to factor in on top of your everyday workload.

That’s why we decided to create the Solace Learning Hub. Our aim is to curate a space where you can engage with informative and inspiring sector-specific content, allowing you to expand your knowledge and skills in a way that suits your learning style, and your circumstances.

This space will be continuously refreshed and updated with content for you to visit at a time that works for you.


Carefully curated learning

Whether you’re an Early Career Leader, Established Leader or Executive Leader, we have resources available to aid your learning and development.

We’ve tagged our resources up with corresponding icons to where you are in your career for ease of navigation:

Content to continue your development

You can expect to see webinars, reports, thought leadership pieces, articles, podcasts and much more, all highlighting the latest information encompassing our core policy areas:

  • Health & Social Care
  • Economic Prosperity
  • Civil & Community Resilience
  • Digital Leadership
  • Infrastructure & Planning
  • Childrens & Families
  • Leadership & Learning
  • Elections & Democratic Renewal
  • Housing
  • Environment & Climate Change
  • Finance

Actionable Insights Seminar Series


Solace are pleased to be able to offer our Members free access to a series of seminars delivered by The Economic and Social Research Council, alongside the Government Social Research profession, building on what has been learnt from the pandemic. These seminars cover an array of policy issues ranging from vulnerable communities to a green recovery and draw upon the emerging evidence from ESRC funded research to provide policymakers and analysts with fresh tools and approaches to tackle these issues across government.


Hot Topics

Spotlight on Health & Social Care

View our work on local public health, adult social care reform, and strengthening the sector following the challenges and opportunities highlighted by Covid-19.

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All Things Finance

View Solace’s work on local government finance, and championing the need for a fair and sustainable funding settlement to give our sector the certainty it needs to thrive.

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Economic Growth

Explore Solace’s activity around growing our local economies sustainably and fairly.

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Leadership & Learning

Expert advice and insights into the future of local government, and how this effects you and your teams, as well as personal development content to learn and reflect on your leadership journey.

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Digital Leadership

Develop your digital leadership skills; take a look at how you can cultivate creativity, innovate and drive transformation.

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Environment & Climate Change

Find out more about the climate emergency, net zero targets and discussions on how to accelerate climate action and a green recovery at a local level.

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