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Local Government
Stories podcast

Local Government
Stories podcast

The New Local Government Stories Podcast with Nazeya Hussain

Local Authority CEOs in conversation: Expert Insights and best practices for local government professionals.

Local Government Stories aims to provide aspiring Chief Executives and local authority officers with valuable insights, best practices and thought leadership.

In each episode, Nazeya Hussain interviews Chief Executives in local government exploring their personal histories, what shaped them, and how they made their journey to the role of a Chief Executive.

Latest episodes

Episode 10

Andrew Kerr OBE

Throughout his career, Andrew has held various local and national roles. His move to Wiltshire as Chief Executive drew significant media attention as he navigated some challenging political waters with redundancy after only 18 months into the position. He then moved to the Chief Executive role in Cornwall where he faced some unprecedented challenges during politically difficult times.

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Episode 9

Pippa Milne

With a career spanning over 28 years in Local Government, Pippa Milne brings a wealth of experience and insights. As Scotland Solace Leadership Lead, a member of the electoral management board for Scotland, a qualified coach, and now a podcast host, Pippa’s journey is nothing short of remarkable.

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Episode 8

Matt Prosser

In this episode, Matt Prosser shares his remarkable journey spanning over 30 years in local government, from his early responsibilities in the Royal Marines to his current role as a national policy leader in local government reform.

As the President of Solace and a prominent figure in the National Leadership Forum, Matt brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the challenges and opportunities facing local communities.

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Episode 7

Dr Grace Vickers

Dr Grace Vickers, Chief Executive at Midlothian Council, is a dynamic leader in local government.

She has improved school performance and played key roles in addressing pandemic-related schooling issues as co-chair of the Scottish Government’s National Children and Families Collective Leadership Group. In 2023, she chaired Solace Scotland, highlighting her extensive leadership experience. 

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Episode 6

Natalie Brahma-Pearl

Natalie Brahma-Pearl, newly appointed Chief Executive of Portsmouth City Council shares her vast experience in local government spanning over 26 years.

Natalie’s career journey gives us a comprehensive account of her impressive portfolio in environmental health to managing large front-line services focussed on transformation and change, paving her way into local government.

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Episode 5

Carolyn Downs

Carolyn Downs shares her incredible journey from Bolton librarian to navigating political landscapes as a Chief Executive. Discover her CEO network’s pivotal role, the impact of an all-female top team at Shropshire Council, and insights gained at the Ministry of Justice amidst Whitehall’s culture.

Join us as Carolyn opens up about challenges faced at the LGA, where transparency and unwavering values were key. Explore her strategic leadership ensuring political will delivery and protection for councils and members.

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Episode 4

Joanne Roney

We delve into Joanne’s remarkable career journey. Starting as a young Apprentice at Birmingham City Council, Joanne shares pivotal moments that shaped her leadership path. As a CEO, she reflects on the dynamic nature of her role, emphasising strategic thinking and leveraging strengths and weaknesses to build a supportive team.

Join us as Joanne recounts her move from Birmingham to her first Chief Executive role at Wakefield Metropolitan Borough Council, where she held the top post from 2008. From leading the ‘Our Manchester’ plan to dealing with unprecedented events including the Manchester Arena Bombing, discover how Joanne continuously learns from the diverse experiences of those around her.

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Episode 3: Tom Stannard

Tom Stannard, an urban regeneration and economic development specialist, shares his experience of diversity and the cultural differences between working in London compared with Lancashire.

Tom is a former West Londoner turned Director of Comms in East Lancashire, where he led Blackburn’s council to multiple ‘Council of the Year’ victories. With a background in regeneration and economic development, Tom unveils his secrets of effective leadership, emphasising the value of diversity in learning.

As a commissioner at the Living Wage Foundation and a Solace spokesperson for climate change, a thoughtful leader Tom sheds light on the motivations behind taking on the Chief Executive role. Tune in for a first-hand account of the CEO’s day-to-day reality and gain insights from a leader dedicated to success and positive change.

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Episode 2: Althea Loderick

Althea currently serves as a Chief Executive at Southwark Council. She shares her story of her local government career of over two decades and her journey of becoming a CEO.

Althea discusses her childhood experience of being the youngest sibling in her family and how that shaped her. She expresses the wonderful support she received from her colleagues during the pandemic period, which formed tight-knit teams. This supportive atmosphere at the council lifted each other up when she was working in Newham, one of the most impacted boroughs in London.

Althea communicates how being able to make changes in the city of London and within society makes the tough job of a Chief Executive all worthwhile.

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Episode 1: Tom Riordan

Tom takes us on a journey from his Yorkshire roots and childhood influences to his educational background, paving the way for his remarkable Civil Service career. Dive into his transformative leadership at Leeds City Council, particularly during the pandemic, gaining insights into his strategies for diversity and inclusivity.

Tom also shares valuable advice for aspiring Chief Executives and reflects on his enduring local government legacy, unveiling key moments that define his journey and the positive imprint he leaves on Leeds.

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