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Personal Development

There’s never been a better time to invest in your personal development. Taking time to develop your knowledge and expand your skills can help you ensure you’re aware of the latest trends and techniques and can help make you stand out from the crowd in a competitive marketplace.

Our personal development opportunities have been specifically designed with public sector professionals in mind, whether you’re looking to attend one of our programmes, for coaching and mentoring services or appraisal support.

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Development Days

If you’re interested in taking the next step in your career, our development days offer valuable insight into a range of senior leadership positions. Led by an experienced facilitator, you’ll gain first-hand knowledge of the day-to-day requirements of the role, the skills required, and discover how to identify future opportunities in the market.

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Skills Days

Continued skills advancement is important and can help to give both you and your organisation a competitive edge. Led by experienced facilitators, our skills days do exactly what they say on the tin – focus on giving you the necessary skills to succeed, whether it’s in your day-to-day role or for a specific purpose.

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In-House Delivery

If you represent an organisation and would like to discuss the possibility of delivering any of our development or skills days on a larger scale in-house, please get in touch using the link below.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Being a leader can be challenging. In an increasingly complex and fast-paced environment, you’re expected to appear confident, work across organisational and political boundaries, deliver better services with diminishing resources and find time to stand back and think strategically. But who can you go to for a sounding board?

That’s where we can help. Solace has access to a variety of coaches and mentors to help give you practical advice, and share their experiences and learning.

One-to-one coaching is effective for both new leaders looking to develop their style, and established leaders looking to refine their approach. A coach can help you reflect, gain clarification, and facilitate your own decision-making.

If you’re looking for someone with direct experience of the challenges you face or an understanding of your discipline, a mentor might be the answer. A mentor can help to define your goals, meet your targets and improve personal performance.

Should you wish to work with one of our coaches or mentors, we will support you to ensure you find the best fit.

Both face-to-face coaching and mentoring sessions last up to 2 hours in duration and we recommend a minimum of 3 sessions with the option to extend.

Once the relationship has been established if appropriate we can introduce remote support via telephone/skype.

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Action Learning

Solace have successfully been delivering Action Learning sets for a number of years, giving people the essential skills that they need to succeed, both organisationally and individually.

An Action Learning set is a small group of 6 to 7 people from different organisations with shared backgrounds who come together a number of times a year, normally a minimum of 3 times, to talk about specific issues and concerns related to their work, and to share experiences with others in a safe and confidential environment.

Taking part in an Action Learning Set will give you the opportunity to find different ways to deal with issues and dilemmas you face in your role, and to discover more about yourself as a Leader.

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Additional Information

To find out more about Action Learning Sets contact our support team on
0207 976 3311 or email

360 & Appraisals

In today’s complex environment, appraisals are a vital activity for public sector leaders. Here at Solace, we’ve developed a tried and tested, time effective methodology to assess performance. Working with one of our independent facilitators of your choice, we’ll provide you with a written report of measurable targets, aims and objectives for the year ahead.

Depending on your specific needs, we also offer the option to add a 360 report to your appraisal process. Presented in a full colour visually impactful document the 360 appraisal report is designed to help you reflect on strengths, behaviours and development areas in advance of your feedback session.

Appraisal Process Highlights

  • One-to-one meeting with the independent facilitator to establish expectations, agree on the process, procedures and possible outcomes.
  • Facilitation of a joint meeting with the Chief Executive and Leader (or panel) to discuss key issues and priorities.
  • Production of 2 documents to be considered by the appraisal panel; the first to review the previous 12 months (if appropriate) identifying what had gone well, what had gone less well, the key relationships established, etc. and an assessment of the corporate and personal challenges for the next 12 months.
  • The final stage is a meeting with the appraisal panel which will then be written up into an agreed performance contract with review stages built in

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Client Testimonials

“As a new chief executive going through my first performance review with Members it was invaluable to have the experience and support of an independent person from Solace. It was really important for myself and Members to have someone who could facilitate an open, fair and constructive review.”

Chief Executive, Welsh Authority

“Solace provided the council with facilitation for the Chief Executives appraisal process. The process was facilitated with insight, transparency, and clarity, engaging the Chief Executive, the Leader, and appraisal panel members in a constructive process to articulate shared ambition and an agreed set of objectives, alongside a positive approach to reviewing performance. Solace added value to the process and understood the council’s requirements based on the experience and knowledge of the facilitator in respect of the current challenges and opportunities in local government.”

Chief Executive – East Midlands Authority