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Working with

Strengthening the bond between the Public and Private sectors

As the leading members’ network in the UK for local authority and public sector professionals, a strategic partnership with Solace offers a variety of benefits.

Our key relationships within the private sector and non-profits enable us to build a stronger and more innovative public service sector through networking and knowledge-sharing.

From annual partnerships to one-off sponsorship packages, we offer a range of possibilities to ensure your organisation is visible to our member network.

Business Partnerships

As one of the most influential membership organisations for public sector professionals in the UK, a strategic partnership with Solace offers many benefits including:

  • The chance to build relationships with leaders and key stakeholders from across the sector
  • Greater insight into how best to engage and interact with local government
  • The option to communicate with our members via blogs and newsletters on a regular basis
  • An array of development opportunities including shadowing and breakfast briefings
  • Full access to Solace member benefits

For more information about partnering with Solace, contact our Business Partner Programme Manager Jenny Clack via email at and she’ll be able to discuss your company’s objectives and advise the best package for you.


Working with Solace provides an opportunity for a select number of partners to get involved with our ever-popular events programme, either on an event-by-event basis or across a programme of events.

Our events, training programmes, and masterclasses are highly regarded, and allow sponsors to develop key relationships with senior staff working across local government and the public sector, providing a platform for you to profile your organisation.

Get in touch to find out how you can get involved, email

Read the latest blogs from Solace Business Partner, Zurich Municipal

Zurich Municipal latest whitepaper, Sustainability in a changing built environment: Rethinking sustainable construction and development, discusses some of the challenges of balancing delivery of homes, workplaces, services and amenities that meet community needs now and in the future while also meeting sustainability targets. Importantly, it also outlines steps organisations can take to help get this balance right. This includes practical measures, such as fire and flood mitigation, and strategic suggestions, such as working with partners to address common sustainability goals.

The whitepaper can be found and downloaded from here

Finding the balance between risk and reward?  This article looks at the balance between risk and reward and how this holds parallel with sport. Join our conversation with Nicola Adams, OBE to find out.

Find out the latest news, analysis and insights for the public sector.

Read the latest blogs from Solace Business Partner, Grant Thornton

On Tuesday 15th December a roundtable was held with members of Solace and business partner Grant Thornton UK LLP to discuss financial sustainability and economic recovery in the context of COVID-19, following the Spending Review announcement, but prior to the provisional financial settlement for 2021/22 being confirmed. View the write-up via our website here.

How local authorities can prepare for coming challenges:

Read the latest blogs from Solace Business Partner, Lloyds

Sustainability – how to make buildings more sustainable

Next step ideas  With buildings accounting for 30% of UK emissions, the path to net zero for any local authority requires the issue to be taken seriously. Solace were recently approached by business partners Lloyds Bank and Bevan Brittan with some ideas and solutions they wished to share. This resulted in a workshop hosted by [Sustainability and Net Zero] policy lead, Sharon Kemp, chief executive of Rotherham MBC, and supported by the UK Green Building Council.

Click here to read the full article

Read the latest blogs from Solace Business Partner, Civica

Discussion on building on the momentum of multi-agency working experienced during COVID-19

Discover why we need a joined up effort to make a sustained and affordable difference to our communities.

Listen to the discussion and you’ll hear how public services are working with partners in public, private and charitable sectors, to tackle issues related to social care, homelessness and crime prevention.

Listen to the discussion.

Read the latest blogs from Solace Business Partner, PA Consulting

How empathetic leadership can help local authorities chart the future of work.  Authors: Georgina Cox, Ashley Harshak, Kate Lafferty

Local government has been on the front lines of COVID-19 relief, nimbly evolving processes to help struggling communities and meet increased service demands. And even before the pandemic, the business of government was changing faster than ever as public expectations, cost pressures and innovation refocused missions and service delivery models.  Read more here. 


PA Consulting cyber security expert, Dan Mosca, discusses the actions local authorities must take to manage the cyber security threats posed by smart technology in light of the NCSC report in The MJ.

This article was first published in The MJ.


Read the latest blogs from Solace Business Partner, Barclays

The power of diversifying your debt: Cash-strapped councils are looking at alternative options for borrowing, reducing risk through diversification. Fraser Mackay explores why.

Read the latest blogs from Solace Business Partner, Oracle

Oracle recently asked  the MIT Technology Review to outline how organisations are rebuilding in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, where they are investing in ‘big moves’ and the hurdles they need to overcome to become more resilient.

Read the latest blogs from Solace Business Partner, Arcus Global

Solace in Business are pleased to announce our new Business Partner, Arcus Global. Arcus Global is a market-leading GovTech cloud company, delivering mission-critical technology solutions that enable public sector organisations to transform their service delivery.

Arcus Global, formed in 2009 and based in Cambridge UK, is a market-leading GovTech cloud company, delivering mission-critical technology solutions that enable public sector organisations to transform their service delivery.

Arcus has developed a platform-based suite of Applications for Local and Central Government. Addressing the challenges in Citizen Digital interaction, Citizen relationship management and through specific platform-based case management solutions for Planning, Building Control, Licensing and Environmental Health.

You can read the latest blogs below:

No more excuses for cyber security failures in councils

Getting the data right: seamless data migration for the public sector

For more blogs please click here.

Read the latest legal updates and find out details of forthcoming webinars from Solace Business Partner, Bevan Brittan

Maya Forstater tribunal appeal: summary and impact | Bevan Brittan LLP

EU Settlement Scheme Deadline: What are your responsibilities to your EU service users? | Bevan Brittan LLP

Housing Finance Snapshot – June 2021 | Bevan Brittan LLP

Sustainability – how to make buildings more sustainable | Bevan Brittan LLP

More legal updates and articles can be found here:

Employment Law Update: June     30 June 2021, 10.00-11.00  Register

Summer Public Procurement Bootcamp   28 June – 1 July 2021 Register

More upcoming events can be found here:


Read the latest blogs from Solace Business Partner, Inner Circle Consulting

Click here to view the latest Solace and Inner Circle Consulting webinar that discusses the local economic recovery and how new policies and approaches to delivery can help prepare your local authority for change.

About this series:  Solace and Inner Circle Consulting ‘locally-led recovery’ is a series of conversations with leading thinkers and doers.  The series aims to span a wide range of relevant areas including the green recovery, future of urban centres, housing delivery, community wealth building, the role of culture and big events, and service design.  The series will share the very best practice from the UK and internationally. Following some lessons from the COVID response the series will explore the strength of local level responses.  It will seek to understand how the big ideas, great leadership, sound policies and tenacious implementation can prepare places for change, create more resilient economies and transform lives.

If you are interested in joining future events or would like further details, please contact Jenny Clack, Business Partner Programme Manager at

Click here to read the latest edition of the newsletter on Circular Economy, Spaceship Planet Earth, by Jamie Ounan


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