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& Mentoring

& Mentoring

If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you

Being a leader can be challenging. In an increasingly complex and fast-paced environment, you’re expected to appear confident, work across organisational and political boundaries, deliver better services with diminishing resources and find time to stand back and think strategically. But who can you go to for a sounding board?

That’s where we can help. Solace has access to a variety of coaches and mentors to help give you practical advice, and share their experiences and learning.

The Solace Approach

We have a large team of over 140 qualified coaches working as the companies associates, of which approximately one fifth have over 500 hours experience of coaching.  Our diverse range of associates each bring particular skills and experience to the team, with backgrounds as senior managers and chief executives in local government, the NHS, the third sector, the private sector experience or even a blend of all sectors.

We follow the EMCC code of conduct and ethics and our coaches have their own supervision and continuous professional development (CPD) arrangements.

Our approach to coaching is an appreciative one which focuses on those times when the coachee felt particularly satisfied, excited or inspired. We use these examples of success to build a picture of the future and excellence. Coachees are encouraged to clarify what they want to move towards, as well as away from.

Coaching is effective for both new leaders looking to develop their style, and established leaders looking to refine their approach. Ultimately, it can provide leaders with a greater understanding of themselves, others and the challenges they face. The Solace coaching team understands the context of public service leadership and the environment in which senior managers operate.


How does it work?

We are firm believers in the power of coaching, and offer a variety of coaching options from one-to-one to team coaching, as well as coaching on specific topics such as eco-centric leadership.

Should you wish to work with one of our coaches, we will support you to ensure you find the best fit. We can deliver this to you face-to-face or virtually and establish how many hours of coaching is needed through an initial conversation.

Take a look at our coaching options below, or if you need some help choosing the best option for you, get in touch.


Our coaches will:

  • Focus on periods when you have felt satisfied and inspired and use these examples to build a picture for the future.
  • Clarify what you want to move towards and what you want to move away from.
  • Concentrate on what is working well.
  • Gain clarification and facilitate your own decision-making.
  • Focus on solutions rather than problems.

Our Coaching Options

One to One Coaching

One-to-one coaching is a very effective way to develop new leaders and to allow established leaders to become even more effective. You choose the coach, and the process is tailored to your particular needs and learning style. We offer personal feedback and support when required, resulting in development which is time and cost effective, over six to nine months.

Our coaching team appreciates the difference between coaching and counselling and our experience in psychology equips us to address the personal dynamics bound up in performance issues.

Team Coaching

Our team coaching offer can be especially helpful, where the emphasis is on a team recognising and applying individual strengths and weaknesses, establishing a common understanding of the challenges facing an organisation and, therefore, the priorities and actions which need to be undertaken to enhance organisational performance.

Climate Coaching

Beyond COVID-19, the sector is facing a triple whammy – rebuilding local economies, tackling social inequalities and facing the climate emergency.  How can we make a difference individually and for our communities that has an impact globally? To help senior professionals with their journey towards eco-centric leadership, our climate coaching offer can aid resilience, focus and confidence in facing the climate crisis.

Interview Coaching

Everyone is different and interview coaching is bespoke to you and your needs. This could be anything from;

  • How to present yourself and make an impact leaving a lasting impression.
  • How best to prepare for and approach a job interview.
  • Understand what the interviewers will be looking for.
  • What types of judgements interviewers may make focussing on – your knowledge, experience and achievements.

The coach would work with you to ensure you are prepared and in the best possible personal space on the day of the interview.



If you’re looking for someone with direct experience of the challenges you face or an understanding of your discipline, a mentor might be the answer. A mentor can help to define your goals, meet your targets and improve personal performance.

Our mentors support development by using their direct experience of the challenges faced by our clients. The more technical the focus of a client’s question, the more a mentor will be able to help. Mentors are more likely to work with clients from their own professional discipline, and their qualifications are likely to be related to that profession.

We offer a choice of mentor to establish a strong working alliance and a relationship of trust and agree a ‘development contract’ at the outset to clarify goals and timescales.

If you’re interested in working with a mentor, get in touch with us and take the next steps in your development journey.