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Actionable Insights Seminar Series

Solace are pleased to be able to offer our members free access to the Actionable Insights Seminar series. Developed by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Government Social Research profession for the Government Analysis Function, this series provides ‘actionable insights’ to policymakers and the analyst professions across government. These seminars draw on emerging evidence from ESRC-funded research to provide policymakers and analysts with fresh tools and approaches to tackle a wide range of issues as we continue to respond to, and recover from, the pandemic. Seminars have been held on economic impacts and recovery, mental health, employment and work, public services, and vulnerable communities, to name just a few, while upcoming seminars are set to look at regional inequalities in fiscal policies and minority ethnic communities.

Seminar 1:

Economic impacts and recovery - insights on business resilience and innovation

This seminar focused on:
• business resilience and innovation,
• provide lessons for effective business policy
• identify trends in business activity that are likely to ‘stick’ in the long run (on-line sales, working from home),
• the effects of government policies on business,
• how different sectors have been affected and
• which sectors are showing resilience including new firm creation


Seminar 2:

Mental health, resilience and wellbeing - insights on how to mitigate impacts on children and families

This seminar focused on:
• Effects on vulnerable children and families
• Longer-term impacts on mental health and wellbeing
• The correlation between social, cultural and economic status and mental health and wellbeing
• Intersections of ethnicity, gender, poverty and mental health in adolescence
• Lessons for policy on how to mitigate negative impacts


Seminar 3:

Employment and work - remote working and the future of work

This seminar focused on:
• The profound effect of COVID-19 on UK businesses and the UK labour market
• Real-time evidence around the reorganisation of work throughout the pandemic
• Understanding the nature of change across different sectors; costs and benefits
• Analysing short, medium and long-term impacts
• Social distancing, hybrid working and the future of offices
• Welfare and well-being effects


Seminar 4:

Living with COVID - behaviour, attitudes and social distancing

This seminar focused on:
• How policy decisions in government and business can best take account of what we know about human behaviour and the role of societal factors to achieve the best outcomes
• Public attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccines and identifying barriers and facilitators to uptake
• How social media engagement affects vaccine attitudes as well as attitudes to public health measures and trust
• How to sustain Community Support and Mutual Aid Groups over time


Seminar 5:

Effective public services - addressing learning loss and educational inequalities

This seminar focused on:
• Educational outcomes for different groups, such as socio-economic background, gender and ethnicity
• Impacts of social distancing, home schooling and exam cancellations
• Actionable insights on how to mitigate the impact of COVID-19
• Longer-term implications for social mobility


Seminar 6:

Vulnerable communities - responding to the domestic abuse crisis

This seminar focused on:
• Impact of lockdowns on the volume and nature of domestic abuse
• How the easing of COVID restrictions is affecting domestic abuse
• How to support victim-survivors of abuse and experiences of providing support during the pandemic
• The pros and cons of ‘digital policing’ and other outreach activities
• Policy and practice insights that can inform public policy, resilience planning and future directions for domestic abuse funding and practice


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