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Self Assessment

Self Assessment

Welcome to the Solace Self Assessment Tool

The Solace self-assessment tool provides you with invaluable feedback about how you perceive your leadership approach, organised under the 12 key dimensions of effective leadership.

It assesses the behaviours and competencies which describe the most effective approaches to leading public services in today’s challenging and ever-changing environment. Once you have completed the assessment, a report of the findings will be emailed to you. This will contain the results of your self-assessment, as well as useful guidance on what your current level of effectiveness might mean and how to move forward. 

Which level is for you?

The framework self-assessment is available in two levels:

  • Executive Level Leader – you should use this version if you are in an Executive-level (CEX or directly below) post at the moment, or if you are aspiring to that level.
  • Established Leader – you should use this version if you are an established leader (AD/HOS), or aspiring to that level.

Please choose the version which is most suitable for you at this time in your career.

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