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Solace 360

Solace 360

Develop modern, future-proof leadership

Thriving in the new work order means that you need to be even better equipped and more confident to lead people and places than before.

The Solace 360 provides a fantastic opportunity for you to reflect on how well your leadership is suited to success in our transformed world. It enables you to gather feedback from a range of key stakeholders about the critical behaviours and skills you will need to support sustainable high performance in your team and place.

What you can expect...

The 12 Dimensions

The 12 dimensions included are based on extensive research and review of key leadership theories and approaches, as well as practical case studies. Developed in partnership with Real World Group, they are based in particular on The 21st Century Leadership Public Servant approach and Engaging Transformational Leadership. The behaviours and skills assessed form the foundation for successful leadership whatever leadership career stage you are at.

Research shows that they are essential in:

Feedback is gathered online and is collated into a clear and comprehensive report of the findings.

Feedback Session

A Solace accredited coach will facilitate a one-to-one feedback session to help you learn as much as possible about your current leadership approach from the results of the 360 feedback. They will assist you in creating a plan for how you can realise even more of your leadership potential with future-proof foundation.

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