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Tools to aid your leadership development

Solace is licensed to use a number of industry recognized and validated psychometric tools. These tools work to build self-awareness and awareness of others, which is a critical success factor for high performing teams. They achieve this through the assessment of leadership behaviours, preferences and attitudes and can provide you and your team with a clearer picture of any unfulfilled motives, latent talents, key strengths and areas of development to help you flourish.

We’ve highlighted some of the industry-leading tools we use below to support you in your leadership development, all of which can give you rich insight in a matter of 30 minutes.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

MBTI can help individuals and teams to:

• Identify strengths and potential challenges.
• Minimise potential blind spots.
• Improve capacities to solve problems, communicate & use conflict constructively.
• Maximise the advantages of team members similarities & differences.
• Develop action plans with specific steps to help improve performance.

Results of MBTI can also be used to construct team profiles and examine the implications for effective team working, leading to enhanced creativity, problem solving, recognition, communication and productivity.

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Real World Leader (RWL)

The RWL provides you with an effective and refreshingly modern approach to self-assessment of leadership effectiveness. It is a research-based diagnostic tool based on the Real World Group's Engaging Leadership Model, which directly assesses behaviours, values and attitudes, rather than personality.

It is designed to help leaders reflect on the extent to which they enact the behaviours that are essential in creating sustainable, high performance in today’s world. Reflecting on the findings with a coach enables the leader to explore how much they currently realise the potential performance, motivation, innovation, and wellbeing of their team – and how much more they might achieve if they shift their focus.

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WAVE Professional Styles Questionnaire

This self-report questionnaire provides with a profile of perceived preferences for different ways of behaving at work grouped into four main areas:

• Thinking Style – Analysis, Evaluation, Creativity
• Style of Influencing – Sociability, Influence, Assertiveness
• Adaptability – Resilience, Change, Support
• Delivery of Results – Conscientious, Structure, Drive

The tool homes in on the fine distinctions and subtleties of each individual along with information on areas where they may have exaggerated or been self-critical. It also identifies unfulfilled motives or skills that can directly feedback into personal development plans.

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