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Solace blog

26th June 2019

Your schools statutory wellbeing provision

During the recent wellbeing governance meeting at the National Children’s Bureau (NCB), we discussed movements by the DfE requiring schools and their local authorities to introduce mandatory education on mental health, wellbeing, and resilience by 2020. These changes will place a statutory requirement for schools and local authorities to ensure pupils recognise and look after their own mental and physical health, plus that of their peers.

The Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS) provides a whole-school framework for the delivery of mental health and wellbeing, designed to ensure outstanding wellbeing provision. This whole-school framework for the delivery of mental health and wellbeing for schools, developed in partnership with NCB, is now in use in more than 800 schools nationwide.

Recognising the importance of these issues in driving school performance, Knowsley Local Authority have been working with us to deliver a whole-school approach to mental health, wellbeing, and resilience. Knowsley quickly saw that by implementing the Wellbeing Award for Schools framework across over 70 schools, they could take a comprehensive, proactive and strategic approach to the wellbeing and mental health provision of all stakeholders in the school and wider community.

More information about how our whole-school wellbeing framework can benefit schools within your local authority, and Lessness Heath Primary School, the first school to achieve the WAS, discussing the positive impact of the award on their school community can be found here.

To arrange a free consultation to ensure your wellbeing provision is outstanding by 2020, contact us on 020 8315 1506.