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15th December 2016

Statement from Solace President Jo Miller in response to the Local Government Financial Settlement

This is a statement from Jo Miller, Solace President and Chief Executive of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, in response to the Local Government Financial Settlement:

Whilst increasing the social care precept will give short term relief to a few local authorities, ultimately, relying on a regressive taxation system is not a long term solution to tackling the long term sustainability challenge our health and social care system faces. Likewise, taking money from the New Homes Bonus may alleviate short term pressures, but simply robbing Peter to pay Paul will not tackle a systemic funding problem. This needs a long term national solution that does not simply exacerbate existing imbalances.

Our local populations are not well served by a system that forces local authorities to squeeze their budgets to support the 20% in society who are most vulnerable. Local authorities need to be able to plan ahead to deliver growth that works for everyone.