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3rd July 2023

Solace and British Heart Foundation Join Forces to Raise £10,000 for Life-Saving Research and Support

Solace, a leading organisation dedicated to supporting local government, has partnered with the British Heart Foundation (BHF), one of the UK’s most prominent charitable organisations focused on heart health. The partnership aims to raise £10,000 in donations by March 31, 2024, to support vital research, preventative education campaigns, and direct support for individuals affected by heart conditions.

Heart-related issues have had a profound impact on countless individuals and their families. Many can attest to the importance of investing in heart health, whether it’s experiencing the devastating effects of a heart attack or stroke or witnessing the life-saving treatments and support provided to loved ones. As a result, Solace and the BHF have come together to drive positive change and improve the lives of those affected by heart conditions and to prevent them from happening to others.

To facilitate donations, a dedicated JustGiving page has been created for the campaign. Donors can contribute by visiting the following link: The current total of contributions stands at £2,170, representing 21% of the overall target.

Expressing the significance of this partnership, Chief Executive Officer Dorset Council and Solace President, Matt Prosser, shared a personal connection to the cause. “Many of us will have experienced the impact on friends or family who have suffered as a result of a heart attack or stroke or positively benefited from lifesaving heart surgery,” he stated. “I believe that it is vitally important that we continue to support research and investment into preventative education campaigns, appropriate medical research, and direct support to those who have been impacted.”

The collaboration between Solace and the BHF is driven by their shared mission to improve heart health outcomes. Both organisations are committed to supporting individuals and communities, with the BHF focusing on research, education, and support services. By working together, Solace and the BHF will raise awareness, promote healthier lifestyles, provide support to those affected by heart conditions, and help to fund further research to prevent future heart-related tragedies.

As part of this initiative, Solace will use their staff away day on July 19th to host an “Apprentice-style” fundraising competition between two teams in Wakefield and Pontefract town centres, creating pop-up stalls stocked with items from the British Heart Foundation and personal donations. The day aims to raise as much money as possible for the charity, and participants are encouraged to wear red clothing to represent the cause. Furthermore, Solace will organize a silent auction at their upcoming Summit event in Birmingham this October, providing attendees with the opportunity to bid on various desirable items and experiences, with all proceeds supporting the BHF’s important work.

BHF’s Fundraising Manager for West Yorkshire Sian Dickson said: “We are incredibly grateful to Solace LTD for choosing to work with us to raise both funds and awareness and help BHF in its vital and lifesaving research. We have exciting plans to reach our target together and I can’t wait to work alongside the Solace team.”

Matt Prosser concluded with a heartfelt appeal to the public, saying, “Let’s all love our hearts and support this great charity!” With the £10,000 target in mind, every contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a significant impact on the lives of individuals affected by heart conditions.”

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David Paine

Senior Policy Officer


About Solace:

Solace is a leading organisation dedicated to supporting local government and fostering strong, vibrant communities. Through collaborative efforts, Solace empowers its members to address local challenges, share best practices, and champion positive change in their respective areas.

About the British Heart Foundation:

The British Heart Foundation is a renowned charitable organisation that focuses on heart health and aims to fund life-saving research, promote education to prevent heart conditions and provide support to individuals affected by heart-related issues. The BHF is committed to fighting heart and circulatory diseases to ultimately save lives.