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Solace blog

7th February 2024

MJ Article: United we stand, Graeme McDonald

“Each day an army of people throughout the UK go to work for their local council in rewarding roles shaping the places we call home. The jobs – no matter the level – are rarely easy yet so often they are rewarding, inspirational and leave a tangible legacy.

Despite that, councils are struggling both to attract new candidates and to keep hold of our most experienced staff. A combination of Brexit and the pandemic has increased competition with the private sector and local government finds itself falling short all too often in the battle for talent.

The impact has been felt at all levels with many regions seeing a generation of senior leaders depart the sector in the last couple of years. Put simply, on average, most councils’ senior staff will have been in the role for a shorter length of time, have less experience in other senior roles, have had less investment in their professional development, and be less likely to have worked across a broad range of professional or service areas, than any generation preceding them…”

Click here to read the full article by Graeme McDonald, Solace Managing Director, on the MJ.