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Solace blog

5th October 2023

MJ Article: The ‘golden triangle’ provides governance oversight and grip, Kath O’Dwyer

“Good governance is essential if councils are to be effective in providing services and supporting local people. As budgets get tighter and as we embrace new arrangements for service delivery via a range of partnerships we need to ensure that we don’t throw away the rule book and that as local leaders we continue to create the conditions for robust risk management and ensure that we continue to properly understand, discuss, and weigh up the benefits and risks of our proposed actions. The best defence against this is relationships within the “Golden Triangle” of statutory officers; the chief executive, the MO and the S151 officer.

The synergy between these officers forms a robust framework that helps maintain a balance of power, legal adherence, and financial prudence which is why it is crucial to ensure that the golden triangle is at the heart of decision-making…”

Click here to read the full article by Kath O’Dwyer, Solace spokesperson for Leadership & Learning, on the MJ.