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Solace blog

18th August 2022

MJ Article: Councils cannot solve this crisis alone, Kersten England

“In many ways, the looming crisis facing us as inflation continues to soar – along with energy bills and interest rates – is not dissimilar to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It appears almost impossible to fathom the scale of the incoming impact, or to have any confidence our responses will touch the sides. What we do know is that only truly resilient communities will have a decent chance of protecting those most disadvantaged and vulnerable and then bouncing back.

Historically, resilience conversations in local government were focused on isolated one-off incidents that can be mitigated or prevented with infrastructure investment, good financial preparedness and sound emergency management procedures. Much like the pandemic, the cost of living crisis poses a different kind of prolonged and multi-faceted challenge, requiring a whole-systems response…”

Click here to read the full article by Solace spokesperson for Civil and Community Resilience, Kersten England, on the MJ.