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Solace blog

28th November 2023

MJ Article: Climate action’s delicate high-wire act, Jonathan Stephenson

“The quest for a net-zero future can feel like chasing a mirage on the horizon. Across the UK, local authorities are charting a course to a more sustainable future but, as we embark on this journey, it’s clear we will need plenty of help to successfully navigate our way.

Most councils have declared a climate emergency and are actively taking steps to reduce their emissions. In Rochford and Brentwood, my own councils, we’ve committed to achieving net-zero emissions across all our service provisions and estates by 2030.

Strong local leadership is crucial, but local councils cannot tackle this challenge in isolation. It’s a shared endeavor, and collaboration is at the heart of it. This was the topic of a recent roundtable discussion, jointly hosted by Solace and BT and for which I was chair…”

Click here to read the full article by Jonathan Stephenson, non-executive director for Solace in Business, on the MJ.