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Champion & Empower Diverse Talent to Succeed

Discover AMPlify

A transformative three-strand development programme by Solace and E-Quality. This ground-breaking initiative is designed to nurture and uplift diverse talent, empowering them to ascend the ranks of local government leadership.

Cohort three recruiting now!

To find out how to apply, simply click the link below.

Please note that we can only accommodate 12 participants, so act now to avoid disappointment. Applications for AMPlify cohort three will close on 16 February 2024.

Solace Amplify cohort one

Why choose AMPlify?

Unlock the potential – the AMPlify advantage

AMPlify is not just another run-of-the-mill development programme; we’re trailblazers on a mission to foster inclusive leadership within local government. Our vision is to create spaces where diverse voices are heard, challenges are met head-on, and talent thrives, leading to a legacy of empowered leaders driving meaningful change.

AMPlify is more than a programme; it’s a practical and immersive journey geared towards propelling talent to higher echelons of the sector. We’re committed to cultivating inclusive organisations, enriching them with the wisdom and perspectives of diverse leaders and managers.

The Power of Three

What further sets AMPlify apart from other EDI programmes is our unique three-interconnected strand approach:

1. AMPlify Talent

Immerse yourself in a world of growth and possibilities

Benefit from virtual sessions, face-to-face events, invaluable networking opportunities, mentoring support, and access to our prestigious Solace Summit.


2. AMPlify Line-Manager

Discover your path to more inclusive leadership with our bitesize sessions

Develop the skills, knowledge, and experience to create an environment that fosters inclusivity and champions the potential of the talent you lead.

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3. AMPlify Advocate

Chief Execs and Directors, embrace your role as a facilitator for change

Pledge to sponsor an AMPlify Talent participant, mentor, engage in reverse mentoring, and champion their talent across the sector.

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Programme Structure - Unveiling the AMPlify journey:


AMPlify offers a diverse mix of modules and discussions across various subjects, encompassing:

  1. Inclusive Leadership: Delve into the realms of leadership, power dynamics, and influence.
  2. Organisational Community Building and Impactful Presentation: Explore specialized modules dedicated to constructing strong organisational communities and mastering the art of impactful presentations.
  3. Comprehensive Understanding through Knowledge Blocks: Participate in sessions where we cultivate a comprehensive understanding of a wide spectrum of topics. This includes fostering a shared knowledge of equality, diversity, and inclusion, as well as an exploration of biases and their impact, along with the subtleties of micro-behaviours.
  4. Recruitment Insight with WAVE Analysis: Engage with the recruitment centre, featuring in-depth WAVE recruitment analysis, which offers valuable insights into the selection process.
  5. Dynamic Learning through Action Sets and Peer Groups: Immerse yourself in action learning sets and collaborative peer groups, creating a dynamic learning environment that fosters growth and mutual support.
  6. Guided Learning through Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring: Benefit from guided learning experiences through both traditional mentoring relationships and innovative reverse mentoring, ensuring a holistic growth journey.

Selected programme highlights

Embracing inclusive leadership

For AMPlify Line Manager

Step into a transformative virtual event tailored for AMPlify Managers. Immerse yourself in the world of inclusive leadership as we delve into its core essence. This dedicated session is not just an event; it’s an empowering journey. Uncover a deeper level of self-awareness, understanding your current skillset from new perspectives. By the end of this experience, you’ll be equipped to champion impactful culture change as you embrace your role as an inclusive leader.

Navigating the recruitment centre

For AMPlify Talent

An immersive in-person session that unravels the intricacies of senior recruitment. Collaborating with seasoned professionals, we’ll guide you through the landscape of recruitment, dispelling misconceptions along the way. Engage with the enlightening WAVE Professional Styles Questionnaire, gaining insights into your leadership behaviours, preferences, and attitudes. As you decipher your key strengths and areas for growth, you’ll be empowered to flourish on your professional journey like never before.

Eligibility criteria

Amplify programme workgroup

Are you AMPlify talent?

AMPlify is calling on talented and motivated leaders and managers from minoritised ethnic backgrounds. If you aspire to rise to the ranks of Head of Service, Assistant Director or even Chief Executive, then AMPlify is your gateway to success.

  • Are you a Service Manager, Head of Service or equivalent in your council?
  • Do you envision senior management roles in your future, ultimately aiming for a prominent local authority Chief Executive position?
  • Have you already invested in developing your leadership and management capabilities, and are eager to take it to the next level?

What our participants say:

Meet your delivery team

Trudy Birtwell

Director of Learning

Mae Wilson

Programme Manager – Diversity and Inclusion Lead

Lennie Egboma

Design Lead & Co-Delivery Consultant

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What’s the price?

A vast transformation. An incredible value.

AMPlify is proudly sponsored by the LGA’s Sector Led Improvement programme for the local government sector. So your organisation’s investment of £950 + VAT is all it takes to secure a place. This fee covers all aspects of the programme, including Talent and Line Manager elements.

Amplify programme session

How to apply

Applications for the 2024 AMPlify programme are now open!

The application deadline for Cohort 3 is 16 February 2024. 

If you’re considering applying, we encourage you to have a conversation about the programme with your line manager, as both of you will be actively involved in the process.

To begin your application, we kindly request the submission of a personal statement encompassing:

  • Your professional journey up to this point,
  • Your career aspirations,
  • The aspects of this programme that captivate and resonate with you, particularly at this juncture in your career,
  • The unique contributions you intend to bring to the programme.

We also require the inclusion of the following:

  • A commitment statement from your Line Manager, affirming their dedication to driving change and participating in their distinct role within the programme.

Apply now


Get in touch

If you’d like to have an informal discussion about AMPlify, the application procedures, or any other inquiries, please reach out via email. We’ll be delighted to schedule a call with one of our team.

Can’t make it this time?

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If you can’t join this year’s intake but would like to stay informed about upcoming rounds of AMPlify applications, you can register your interest to get updates.