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Virtual Recruitment

Virtual Recruitment

Getting to Grips with Virtual Recruitment

The world of virtual recruitment is new to many of us in the public sector and navigating new technology can sometimes feel a bit daunting.

At Solace, we want to help interviewers and candidates navigate the world of virtual recruitment, and get to grips with remote interviews, so we’ve talked to our network and have pulled together some expert tips and advice to help support you through these unchartered waters.

Virtual Recruitment Video Guide

In our video guide to virtual recruitment, Jessica Mullinger, Head of Interim Recruitment at Solace in Business speaks with Suzanne Jones, Interim Head of Service at a South West Council and Bernadette Marjoram, current Interim Chief Executive of a Housing Trust to discuss how we can make virtual recruitment work for both interviewers and candidates in a public sector setting.

Virtual Recruitment: Top Tips for Interviewers

If your organisation is virtually recruiting or you're on an interview panel, this is the guide for you. Inside you'll find some useful hints and tips to help you navigate virtual recruitment including tech troubleshooting, establishing a welcoming virtual space, and much more.

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Virtual Recruitment: Top Tips for Candidates

If you're a candidate and have a virtual interview coming up, this is the guide for you. Inside are some practical tips and advice on how to prepare yourself for your virtual interview, including getting into the right headspace, and communicating with impact.

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Get involved

If you've got some advice about virtual recruitment that you'd like to share or have any resources you think would help benefit clients or candidates, we'd love to hear from you.

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Top Tips Highlights

Thoughts from our clients

Keep it Simple

“Thankfully, solace were at hand to support our recent virtual recruitment campaign, interviews are never the most natural of experiences at the best of times, so via Zoom or Teams takes careful management, my best advice, don’t over complicate the process, prepare well, get into the virtual meeting ahead of your candidate, over-emphasis the intro and relax your candidate, maintain eye contact, be conscious of your own body language and allow space for your candidate to get their responses over before interrupting. Being viewed through a screen can be very intimidating, so make allowances for awkward silences and nerves – it’s worth it in the end, we have an excellent hire starting with us soon.”

Pam Parkes, Director, Organisational Development & People, Essex County Council

Normal Rules Apply

“The normal recruitment rules are needed more than ever.  A clear brief and a shared understanding between those interviewing as to the key skills and experience that is needed. Although the personal body language was difficult to convey, the question, response, and discussion elements we were able to achieve.” 

Tom Dobrashian, Interim Head of Planning and Building Control at Watford Borough Council.

Articles and Further Reading

Necessity is the mother of invention

Steve Guest, Director of ER&A, Solace in Business

Originally published in the MJ, Steve's article discusses the successful conclusion of our first entirely virtual permanent recruitment selection process, and explores the need to adapt to a changing environment.

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