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Solace blog

26th February 2016

The Solace Network on Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub’s vision is to connect the global public sector by enabling its members to work together, regardless of traditional organisational and geographical boundaries.

With 115,000 active users from over 450 UK public sector organisations, spread across 1,700 groups there’s likely to be a group to interest you. And, if not, you can always start one here!

We’ve found that the most successful communities on Knowledge Hub are those that come together to solve common challenges and have a clear purpose. Their success can be measured by longevity and engagement levels, driven by relevance; creating a common place to engage with like-minded people and making a difference to the day job. The Planning Advisory Service, the Web Improvement & Usage Community, and the GeoPlace Authority Contacts Group are all good examples. In time, the new Solace Network should become exemplary too.

We know that when collaboration in communities works well, it generates cost savings, avoids duplication of effort and supports better employee and stakeholder engagement. We also know that building communities takes time and commitment, which is why the Knowledge Hub team provides help and support on building online communities and knowledge management for organisations like Solace.

The community is the heart of Knowledge Hub and the interactions between members are its life-blood. We will work with Solace to ensure their Network stays relevant and continues to bring value based on real and relevant feedback from its members; we welcome your feedback.

The power of the network is critical to future success, so we encourage you to join today and to encourage your colleagues to join too at

You can access the Solace Network at

How do we do it?

We provide a free-to-use service to our members, which we fund by tapping into the digital advertising market spend; specifically, from those supply-side organisations wishing to engage with Knowledge Hub service users. For subscribing organisations, like Solace, we provide a new source of revenue to them via our income-share model

Interested in finding out more?

Whether you are a public sector professional wishing to join a community of like-minded experts, or a public sector organisation wishing to exploit the benefits that working socially can bring; including generating new income, then we’re here to help.

Solace members and business partners can access exclusive discounts against standard pricing by quoting SOLC16.