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Solace Summit 2021

Solace Summit 2021

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Agenda Overview

Welcome to the Solace Summit 2021 agenda overview page.

In a Solace first, this year’s Summit; Leading from the Front Line will be run as a hybrid event offering delegates the option to experience the event both virtually and in-person at the Hull Bonus Arena.

Wednesday’s programme, the Evening with Solace and the Summit Dinner will all take place at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel.

On Thursday and Friday, the programme will de delivered at the Hull Bonus Arena.

Take a look through our tool tips below and to access the agenda for the week.

Accessing the Agenda

To help you navigate the event, we’ve provided the agenda in a daily format which can be accessed by clicking the relevant button on each day of the week.


Virtual vs. Face-to-Face

We’ve also added some wording to each session to denote whether it is being run virtually, face-to-face, or in-person and live streamed simultaneously.

Content that's relevant to you

As with last year’s virtual learning week, we have also included some signposting to help you find the sessions that are the most relevant to you, so be sure to look out for our icons on the agenda and in the programme.

If you’re in the first 3 years of your career, look out for this icon:

If you’ve been working in or with local government for 3-5 years, look out for this icon:

If you’re an executive, then keep an eye out for this icon:

Meet the Speakers

As you’ll see, we have a fantastic selection of sessions, and an array of top-notch speakers whose biographies can all be accessed here, or by clicking the microphone.

More Content Coming Soon...

We’re still in the process of adding new speakers and session to the agenda, so please do make sure you check regularly for any updates.

Daily Agenda Breakdown


Virtual Delivery

Monday's Agenda


Virtual Delivery

Tuesday's Agenda


Face-to-Face & Virtual Delivery

Wednesday's Agenda


Face-to-Face & Virtual Delivery

Thursday's Agenda


Face-to-Face & Virtual Delivery

Friday's Agenda

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