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Solace Team

Solace Team

Meet the Team

Graeme McDonald

Managing Director of Solace and Solace in Business

Terry McDougall

Business Development Director, Solace in Business


Trudy Birtwell

Director of Learning

Cat Rushton

Learner Administrator

Emma Page

Learning & Development Advisor

Ellie Powell

Compliance and Quality Assurance Lead

George Deakin

Leadership and Development Assistant

Helen Houman

Programme Manager

Liz Hodgson

Programme Manager

Mike Clarkson

Learner Administrator


Julie Howarth

Director of Engagement

Alise Krumina

Events Coordinator

Amy Saxon

Membership Lead

Ashleigh Reed

Events Coordinator

Charlotte Wilson

Engagement Development Lead

Harriet Barr

Events Lead

Michelle Cunningham

Engagement Manager

Pip Kealey

Marketing Executive

Rinn Purvis

Personal Development Coordinator

Victoria Barton Rosenthal

Strategic Marketing Manager

Policy, Partnerships & Public Affairs

Alex Thomson

Director of Policy & Business Partners

Anastacia Button-Gentry

Policy Officer

David Paine

Senior Policy Officer

Ellie Bentham

Policy Officer

Jenny Clack

Business Partner Programme Manager

Max Edgington

Research & Engagement Officer

Executive Recruitment & Assessment

Steve Guest

Director of Executive Recruitment & Assessment

Amy Billington

Executive Recruitment & Assessment Consultant

Leanne Skoof

Business Support Advisor

Maud Hollis

Executive Search Consultant

Sharon Davies

Resourcing Manager

Interim Management

Jessica Mullinger

Director of Interim Management

Nicola Chiverton

Managing Consultant

Beth Roberts

Associate Consultant, Interim Management

Claire Cleaver

Business Support Advisor

Gemma Stevenson-Coupe

Consultant – Talent Acquisition and Development

Jessica Coleman

Administrative Assistant

Kayleigh Stoppard

Associate Consultant, Interim Management

Karishma Vakta-Smith

Associate Consultant, Interim Management

Corporate Resources

Stephen Chambers

Director of Corporate Resources

Andrew Ellson

Senior Finance Officer

Charlotte Mansfield

Corporate Resources Coordinator

Claire Jones

Systems and Performance Manager

Jan Wardle

Finance Assistant

Sarah Lawson

Data Quality Coordinator