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Career reflections from local government leaders...

We spoke with senior local government officers in 2020 to take a deep dive into their career journeys. They told us all about; why they chose the career path they did, what three key things helped them become the leaders they are today and to look back on what advice they would give to themselves when they were starting out in their careers.

Pam Parkes
Director Organisational Development, People & Service Design
Essex County Council

Tom Stannard
Chief Executive
Salford City Council

Stephen Gaskall
Head of Chief Executive's Office
London Borough of Southwalk

Kath O'Dwyer
Chief Executive
St Helens Borough Council

Charles Obazuaye
Assistant Chief Executive HR
London Borough of Bromley

Joyce White
Chief Executive
West Dunbartonshire Council

Hayley Barsby
Chief Executive
Mansfield District Council

Robert Weaver
Chief Executive
Cotswold District Council

Lee Tillman
Assistant Director Strategy & Performance
Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council

Clare Hodgson
Chief Finance Officer
Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Richard Ellis
Former Chief Executive
South Northamptonshire Council

Mark Pullin
Interim Head of Community Support
South Gloucestershire Council