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Solace blog

13th May 2024

MJ Article: Let’s plan ahead, Steve Guest

“Having witnessed a shrinking of the wider local government workforce over the last 15 years I’ve worked as a recruiter, there are some learning points I have identified that I think need to be actively considered when further change is on the horizon.

“It isn’t hyperbole to suggest local government as a sector is facing challenges of scope and scale unlike anything experienced in its history. Whether we’re talking about the financial pressures local authorities are facing, through to the increased levels of demand that council services are experiencing, given the cost of living crisis, the housing market or health waiting lists, the amount of pressure on local government resources (financial or otherwise) is unprecedented.

“In addition, the sector is facing a workforce crisis brought on by a range of factors, including an ageing workforce, a smaller workforce (I’ll come back to that), a more competitive marketplace, the impact of the pandemic, and perhaps even overall perceptions of local government as a career choice. The phrase ‘perfect storm’ is probably over-used at this point, but it’s a fair description of the circumstances as I see them…”

Click here to read the full article by Steve Guest, Solace Director of Executive Recruitment and Assessment, in The MJ.