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Solace blog

27th July 2022

LGC Article: Government must invest in local leadership development, Joanne Roney

“A local leadership academy would increase resilience across local government and shared learning across the country, writes the president of Solace and chief executive of Manchester City Council.

The relentless nature of the pandemic response, after a decade of dealing with difficult budget cuts, has taken its toll on all of us, some more than others, meaning the recruitment and retention challenges councils faced pre-covid-19 are even more acute now. This comes at a time when demand for services is rising and the challenges our people and places face are becoming increasingly complex.

Not having enough workers, let alone those with the right skills and experience, across multiple service areas and at different levels of the organisation, is clearly a concern and was a recurring theme in many sessions and discussions at last month’s Local Government Association conference in Harrogate…”

Click here to read the full article by Solace President Joanne Roney on the LGC.