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Solace blog

13th May 2024

LGC Article: Breaking the glass ceiling at the top of local government, Pamela Gordon

“My year as the first woman president of Solace needs to be put in context because so much has changed in local government, Solace and society since 1996-97. There were no executive council leaders or elected mayors then, but changes were in prospect after a period of high political tensions, attacks on local authority powers, and a growing recognition that local government needed to speak in a more co-ordinated manner.

“The role of the chief executive was evolving quickly and post-holders could feel battered from all directions – that’s one element of consistency over the years. ‘Professionalism’ was in vogue and Solace was already considering widening its membership, raising standards and appointing its first full-time director.

“I’d made a few cracks in the glass ceiling already and was used to chairing meetings where the note-taker and I were the only women.”

Click here to read the full article by Pamela Gordon, former Solace President, in the LGC.