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Solace blog

30th May 2019

Being Unique

Being unique is infinitely better than being perfect, or being a clone. Understanding what makes you different is the key to your success.  At Solace, we are not your typical recruiter and we are proud to do our own thing.

Those of you who are familiar with Solace will know that there are many things that make us different, but for those of you who are new to Solace, here are 5 things that make us stand out from the crowd.

  1. Solace is a Charity and any profits made by our recruitment business are fed back into the public sector, through our policy, training & development work. This includes; development days, skills days, and a variety of networking opportunities across the country.
  2. Our consultants do not work on commission, which means that you can be assured that our advice is completely impartial and we act with integrity, ensuring that our sole driver is matching the right people, to the right roles.
  3. You can rely on us to support you throughout your career, whether you need help getting an idea off the ground, in building and managing relationships, or assistance through challenging times.
  4. We are an accessible, approachable and collaborative team, working hand in hand on each new project, sharing our collective views and advice.
  5. We are a small but determined bunch. Our dedication to staying true to our unique style will always drive us.

Being a successful Recruitment company is not about throwing mud at the wall and hoping it will stick! It is about staying true to your values, knowing your market and remaining credible and honest.

We at Solace are proud to be unique.

For more information call Jessica Mullinger – Head of Interim Management, or Steve Guest – Head of Executive Recruitment and Assessment – 0207 187 3311

Written by Beth Zubovas, Business Support Advisor, Solace in Business